Smallmouth bass are fun to catch, but also tasty

When I tell people that I enjoy fishing, chances are the first question I’ll get is Have you ever caught a Marlin? I will usually say, No because it doesn’t taste good. Right there lies the difference between what I think of as fishing, and what fishing means to many others.

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I started fishing not that long ago, and have since felt a small sense of guilt when discarding a fish carcass. I never had this feeling before, but personally seeing to its end changed my outlook, and I do my best to use everything now. These are some ways I’ve learned to use every part of the fish.

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Live Dungeness Crab

Cold winds, heavy equipment and dodging park police – every time I go crab fishing from the beach I deal with at least two of these things. It’s worth it once you can taste that perfectly fresh, buttery strip of crab meat from a creature that was just fighting you 20 minutes ago. This is why I like to catch my own Dungeness crab. Most people think to catch them in a net from the pier, but those who want the big ones will catch them from the beach. Here’s some tips on how you can too..

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The sun in San Francisco can be so deceiving. Despite a picture-perfect view of the Golden Gate Bridge, I was freezing in strong winds that had literally just come from the arctic. Despite this I was intent on learning what kind of seafood lie yards away from the bars, restaurants and attractions that I frequent any given day in my home city.

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Finished Dungeness Crab Cake

What a December! We just wrapped up four Crabsgivings this month, where we invite friends over to feast on fresh live Dungeness crab. This is always fun because I cook the crabs on the spot to the awe and/or horror of friends who witness the delicious tragedy. Headcount this year? 50 crabs. I should start scratching a tally for each crab on the side of the steamer.

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An evening in the mud

December 29, 2011

We scour the featureless mud looking for something only our guide can see – a tiny hole in the sand. I get distracted for a second when the same mud tried to suck my shoe off, and look up in time to see our tall leader in a Santa Claus hat jump in the air and land in the mud. A geyser of water spits a foot into the air between his feet and he exclaims, “That’s a good one!”. This is Kirk Lombard, and I am on my first sea forager tour.

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First-time trout fishing

July 23, 2011

For many people, the image of “fishing” is one that takes place on a pristine lake or stream, not unlike the beautiful imagery from A River Runs Through It. Contrast that to my first couple of years fishing overcast days in the rough Pacific Ocean for a venemous fish; this concept was foreign to me. However, I finally got one of those trips out with my Uncle when visiting him in Bridgeport, CA

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